Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Sephora Gift Sets. Enough said.

Seriously, there is nothing I love more, than the amazing sets that are put together for Christmas gifts. So in case you were wondering, you are welcome to get me any of these listed below. :-)

My all time favorite, Lash Stash. There is nothing better than getting to try several of the best selling mascaras out there. I am always on the hunt to try new ones (and review them of course!), so this is will definitely be on my must-have list this year.

Fresh Sugar Additicion Mini Lip Set - I am IN LOVE with these little gems, and cannot wait to try the new colors. They are the perfect amount of sheer, and SO moisturizing!

Sephora Color Daze Blockbuster - This is the BEST way (and URER cheap) to try just about every darn color from the Sephora brand. I mean, the value of this bad boy is $370! I bought one a few years ago, and haven't even made a dent. Love. It.

Tinsel Town Collector's Set - Who doesn't love mini nail polish collections? I mean, they are smaller, so they won't go bad as quickly, and if you don't love a color, you're not stuck with a ton of it. Plus, you can layer the colors to get even more color options!

Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Collection - I am super excited to try this one! If ever there was a palate with all of my favorite colors, this one is it! And for $32, it's a steal!

Sephora Gloss Lab - Ten shimmery lip glosses... PERFECT for the holidays! Who doesn't love a good gloss? And another great bargin at $25! Keep them all for yourself or split them up and share. You'll l.o.v.e. this kit.

So what's on your Christmas list this year?

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